Sign-Up Apprentice Program Signups: Old Gens OU

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assigned to Luigi

Username: Lord Ninjax
PS! Username: Lord Ninjax
What format: ORAS OU
Timezone: GMT -5
Usual hours of availability: Whatever works
A little about myself: Been really digging this tier lately and want to explore it more / at a higher level
Discord / Skype: Both
Yes, I understand how the Blacklist works
Username: Cielbakasan
PO/PS! Username: Ciel est le futur

What format do you want to learn : BW OU,RBY OU
Your timezone: GMT +1
Usual Hours of Availability: i'm free all day , 16/17:00 on week and i'm free week end ^^
Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences): I have played competitive pokemon for 1 year. I have peak #9 on sm ou and i know a little the old gen (UU,RU ^^ ). Now I want to learn the only tier I never played, Ubers.
Are you able to use either Discord or Skype?: Yes, both
Do you understand how the blacklist works?: Yes
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Username: Fresher Than You
PS! Name: Fresher Than You / Recoded
Timezone: GMT +0
Format: DPP OU / BW OU (either is fine)
Usual Hours of Activity: Available every evening
Experience: Played Pokemon on and off for a while, pretty decent and know all the basics but hit my plateau pretty quickly and can't really get past. Also struggle to learn new formats, I only really play LC. Old Gens is fun though!
Discord/Skype: Both are fine
I understand the black list.

Understand that this is a contested spot, so skim over me if need be. I'll sign back up again later.
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