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Can anyone recommend a viable moveset for Zekrom that doesn't include Hone Claws?

It would appear that this combination is only possible from a previous generation much like Heal Block Palkia, and I already have an Adamant Hone Claws Zekrom from my old aS save.
Another set but very niche is :
Zekrom(Dragonium Z)
Naughty nature
EVs : 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe

Bolt Strike
Draco Meteor
Hone Claws/Substitute

Basically the draco meteor is used in conjuction with Dragonium-Z to hit very hard Zygarde-C albeit even with Z-Outrage you hit like a truck.
Hey guys.. So I got to lvl 50 at the Battle Agency, but I would like to play further. If anyone who is approx. close to 50 (because I know how hard it is to find other lvl 50 people), i gladly appreciate the help. Also, if anyone wants an ally, hit me up via vm/pm. Thanks :D
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